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Indian Cuisine

Authentic Indian & Thai Food

Curry Delight Serves Authentic Indian and Thai Food

Cumin Rice
Mutton Tika Masala

Mutton tika masala

The food we serve at CURRY DELIGHT is healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch to make a reservation!

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind. We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey at CURRY DELIGHT, and we invite you to come back for more.



The chef-driven menu highlights seasonal ingredients in simple, handcrafted dishes served straight from our kitchen. Add even more to your experience with a selection from our complimentary beverages, and trust us—save room for dessert.

Dip Spread

Authentic Indian and Thai Food

We’re bringing flavors from the kitchen - to your plate.

Known as one of the Phuket area’s most beloved places to eat, our acclaimed chef takes pride in reimagining the way people enjoy and experience food. Setting an ambitious standard for cuisine with our ever-evolving menu and immersive atmosphere, our guests have the privilege of tasting the bold and unique flavors that come from years of training and experience.

Curry Delight

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Cumin Rice

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